F.riday 5 For June 8, 2018 – With a Capital T

Author’s Note: I never had a chance to post last week’s Q&A so I’ll add them here at the end. If you’d like to play along, click here

1.     What kind of trouble are you getting yourself into?

As always, the completely unnecessary and infuriating kind. I got a text message or two today at work and had forgotten to set my phone to vibrate, so my co-workers heard it. I got a Skype message from the team snitch and from my supervisor about it. Did I mention that some people just need to get over themselves in my office?

2.     What was your most recent car trouble?

It wasn’t exactly “car trouble” because nothing broke down, but when I went for my inspection in April, I was told I wouldn’t pass unless I got new brakes. After three years, it was time to get new brakes, but I’d just gotten new tires about a month earlier and I didn’t have $450 at the moment, which led to the credit card balance I’m trying to pay off this summer.

3.     What’s a rhyming phrase to describe something causing you problems lately?

Without a doubt it’s “shit fit” because it seems I’ve had a lot of them thrown my way over the past few months (the aforementioned unnecessary and infuriating kind of trouble).

4.     What’s something that needs loosening or untightening?

Besides the troublemakers’ sphincters? My shoulder – the weird weather has jacked it up and it’s been spasming off and on for the past week or so.

5.     What’s your favorite board game involving rolling dice?

I haven’t played a board game in years, but I’d have to say Risk or Axis and Allies.


And now for last week’s list

F.riday 5 for June 1, 2018 – Esprit

1.     What’s your spirit animal?

A female cardinal like the one at my feeder I’ve named Lilya. She always look after her mate and will defend him if another bird makes a move against him.  I’m sure if she had babies, she’d be the same with them. She’s quite protective, and her fierce loyalty is something I identify with, especially in regards to my family.

2.     What’s your spirit tree?

I have always loved the understated beauty of the Japanese Maple. They aren’t the flashiest of trees but they provide shelter and shade in their own elegant way. I don’t go in for show and prefer to do what I can in a quiet way to improve my corner of the universe, which is why I identify with these trees.

3.     What is your spirit food/beverage?

Dark roast coffee, milk no sugar – because it’s bold and sassy, much like myself.

4.     What’s your spirit passenger vehicle?

My 2015 Honda CR-V. I knew I wanted a CR-V that would show my school spirit and support my football team, so I didn’t want any other color other than maroon. When she came to me, I named her Samantha (Sam for short, as in Sam the Minuteman) and tricked her out with a UMass license plate and various stickers. She’s the closest to a vehicular version of myself as you can get, I guess.

5.     What’s your spirit weather phenomenon?

I ‘m more like a volcano than a weather phenomenon, because in the same way they can’t be predicted, my temper can’t usually be, either. I tend to hold things inside until the pressure builds to a point where I just lose my stuff in a spectacularly bad fashion. Isn’t that the exact same thing a volcano does?



One thought on “F.riday 5 For June 8, 2018 – With a Capital T

  1. I have never understood people’s needs to rat on others at work. If the offending behavior makes it impossible for someone do to his or her job, that makes sense, but then that’s not ratting; it’s problem-solving. And even then, isn’t step one always to approach the person first and talk about it? Baffling.

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