Feeder Watch -Week of June 5, 2018

The past couple of weeks have pretty been business as usual at  our feeders. We sat outside on Memorial Day afternoon and watched Chet run back and forth from the feeder to his burrow – he’s been stockpiling seed lately and I have to wonder if there could be some babies on the way. I’ve read that chipmunks have two mating seasons, early spring and late summer, and although the early spring has passed, we didn’t have much of a spring season so maybe he’s a little bit behind in his reproductive duties. We have two chipmunks and they’ve both been at the feeder at the same time lately, so maybe that’s the case. Our red winged blackbird continues to visit and a red-bellied woodpecker male has appeared over the past couple of weeks. He has the most amazing plumage and is extremely aggressive around the other birds. I was surprised to see him for two reasons: 1) I thought woodpeckers were strictly carnivores and 2) I never thought they would be so aggressive. According to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, they will feed on seed, pine cones and acorns, even though their primary food sources are insects and small arthropods. When at a feeder, a red-bellied woodpecker will be aggressive with all other birds except blue jays. I wonder if that’s because they’re usually solitary and view other birds as threats? I put a bird bath out this past Monday (the 4th) and a mourning dove and sparrow have used it, but my other critters haven’t yet. I’m sure once it gets really hot, they’ll all take a dip in the bath, but so far, they haven’t.

2 thoughts on “Feeder Watch -Week of June 5, 2018

  1. Must watch our woodpeckers more closely. We have our Hummingbird close to our AM coffee porch and are just amazed at how aggressive they are. on our screened in evening porch I occasionally dislodge the Hummers from the screen after impalement. Always enjoy your posts, Go UConn! Hi Bill

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