Day 1- A List of All The Cities You’ve Spent At Least One Night In

Author’s Note: Today I’m starting a 30 day journaling challenge that technically was meant for July, but as busy as I was the first couple of weeks of the month, I decided to wait until this month to do it.  If you’re interested in participating, the moderator of NaJoWriMo has a website here.

Alaska- none

Alabama – none

Arizona – none

California – Anaheim

Colorado – none

Connecticut – Windsor Locks, Groton

Delaware – Dover

Florida – Orlando

Georgia – Atlanta

Hawaii – Waikiki

Idaho – none

Indiana – none

Illinois – none

Louisiana – New Orleans

Maine – none

Maryland – Ocean City, Annapolis

Massachusetts – Foxboro, Springfield, Boston

Michigan – none

Minnesota – none

Mississippi – Olive Branch (more of a town really but it still counts, especially since I got engaged there!)

Missouri – none

Montana – none

Nebraska – none

Nevada- Las Vegas

New Hamsphire – Exeter

New Jersey – none

New Mexico – none

New York – Uniondale

North Carolina- Charlotte

North Dakota – none

Ohio – none

Oklahoma – none

Oregon – none

Pennsylvania- Philadelphia, Pittsburgh

Rhode Island – Newport

South Carolina – Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Hilton Head

South Dakota – none

Tennessee – Memphis, Knoxville

Texas – San Antonio

Utah – Provo

Vermont – Newfane ( a village, but I’ve slept there so it counts!)

Virginia – Richmond, Harrisonburg, Fairfax, Williamsburg, Staunton

Wasthington – none

West Virginia – none

Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Wyoming – none

Canada – Montreal, Toronto

2 thoughts on “Day 1- A List of All The Cities You’ve Spent At Least One Night In

  1. That would be an interesting exercise to see how many cities I’ve been to, although I’m not much of a traveler.
    On a different subject, would you like to be a beta reader for a novel manuscript?

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