Tipping Point

originally drafted 7/25/18

In the past year or so, my husband and I have had some serious political discussions, none of which have been as sobering as the one we had about increasing leftist violence when I asked him “where does it all end, is there a tipping point?” I’d been thinking quite a bit about the Salem witch trials and reading Arthur Miller’s The Crucible in high school, which is the perfect allegory for what Americans in 2018 are experiencing. Miller’s play tells the brutal story of how mass hysteria and accusations of witchcraft took hold of the town of Salem, Massachusetts, leading to the executions of 19 women and one man before the governor’s wife was accused and he demanded that the insanity stop. Miller wrote his cautionary tale in 1953, at the height of the McCarthy-ist Red Scare; given that he and many of his colleagues were questioned by the House Un-American Activities Committee and branded as communists, it’s easy to see why he chose the witch trials as the conduit for his political commentary. Sadly, though his message has fallen on deaf ears, as we are currently reliving this dark time in our history. The only difference between then and now is that now we have nobody willing to speak out for us.

I asked Bill if he thought we’d reached critical mass, if we were beyond a tipping point, and at first he said no. He thought it would take something monumental — i.e. threats made against an innocent relative of a high ranking official — to put the skids on such violent rhetoric, but he did believe that a tipping point existed. He said he didn’t want to live in a country where someone wouldn’t speak out if such a thing happened; I said I felt that, short of a second civil war, there was no tipping point. Sadly, it didn’t take long for society to prove me right. Not only did Whoopi Goldberg verbally assault Jeannine Piro on national television, but the left continued to escalate its hatred of President Trump by calling for his execution after his “treasonous” summit with Vladimir Putin – one pathetic reporter even had the gall to compare it to Pearl Harbor and Kristalknacht.  Are you serious?!?! How the unmitigated hell can you even go there? The final straw, at least for me, was when former USA Today columnist Cheri Jacobus blasted Michael Caputo with a series of deranged, filthy tweets – he was a former Trump campaign advisor, that’s all, but that was enough to make her think her actions were acceptable. She wanted to know if his daughters (two of whom are toddlers) would prostitute themselves out to a known pedophile to provide for themselves when he goes to jail. She also wanted to know if his oldest would kill herself once she realized what a loser she had for a father. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I tweeted in reply:

ok, I have a question for @Cherijacobus would you have the balls to say that disgusting filth to Mr. Caputo’s face? something tells me you prefer to hide behind a Twitter handle. Would you want you children to be treated like that? Something tells me you wouldn’t

Needless to say, she blocked me. Most people who know they’re wrong and won’t admit it usually do that when called out on Twitter. I find it disgusting that people think it’s acceptable to behave this way, but what disturbs me even more is that nobody on the left is stepping up to put an end to this; hence my belief that there is no tipping point short of a civil war.  In most cases, leftists are escalating the violence themselves – i.e. Cory Booker saying that his followers should “get in the faces” of Republicans and Maxine Waters telling her supporters to harasses Republicans wherever they are at any time.

Let’s face it, if Representative Scalise’s near murder wasn’t enough of a wake up call, there probably isn’t anything that is. A cease and desist can’t come from the right. Those of us who are conservatives can’t speak out because our words will be twisted and used against us, no matter what we say. Only the left can put an end to what’s happening, and of course, as it serves their  socialist coup attempts perfectly, they won’t. With our country’s distinct lack of a moral compass, we are rushing headlong into something we can’t come back from. My husband finally admitted that I could be right. I just hope to God that I’m not.

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