Hobonichi Experiment Redux

Back in 2016, I conducted an experiment which, I have to admit, failed miserably. I had heard about Hobonichi planners through my friends in the pen/stationery community and even though I’m not a planner user, I thought of a way to justify buying one. Hobonichis are a gorgeous tribute to Japanese efficiency and minimalism, and the Tomoe River paper is the gold standard among fountain pen users; I thought that since the A5 size has a full page per day, it would be the perfect daily writing journal. For years, I’ve tried to cultivate a daily writing habit (and usually failed miserably) and I thought a fancy planner might help me hold myself accountable to my storytelling practice. It didn’t. I tried too hard to write perfect pieces every time when I should have been letting go of expectations and creating. Last year I didn’t even bother with a Hobonichi, but this year I’ve decided to give it another try. I am determined to see this through and plan to share some of my 2016 pieces here as a way to build momentum going into 2019. Even if I’m just brain-farting all over the page, it’s better than not writing at all.

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