Author’s Note: Another prompt from Bonnie Neubauer from my 2016 Hobonichi experiment. Bill says my muse’s name is Gabriella. I agree.

What does your muse walk like?

My muse is more or less the direct  personality opposite of me: she’s a confident extrovert and has a very confident walk — she stands up straight, looks people in the eyes and vigorously strides into a room

What does your muse sound like?

She has a southern drawl like I do: it’s noticeable but not overdone unless she mad or is trying to make a point (also much like myself)

What does your muse do for fun?

Like Jules from Pulp Fiction, she travels the world and gets into adventures. She does not, however, have a BMF wallet, but that’s only because she’s too polite. She’s badass but not quite to that degree

What does your muse wear?

Much like myself she loves being comfortable. She wears sundresses in the summer and sweats in the winter. Unlike myself, she never wears shoes or a bra, but she’s a muse. She doesn’t have to.

What does your muse like to eat?

Much like myself, she’s an adventurous omnivore. She’s just eaten different things than I have by virtue of being a world traveler. She’s tried yak, crickets, goat, and even rattlesnake. If I ever go with her on her adventures, I’ll try everything but crickets and a century egg. She told me about the century egg. I threw up in my mouth a little.

Where does your muse live?

One time Gabriella was accidentally locked in the library after hours, so she found a quiet place under the stairs leading to the reference section, curled up and fell asleep. The next morning she awoke to a wonderland of fresh coffee, muffins and thousands of books. She loved it so much she decided to stay. The librarians don’t seem to mind.

What does your muse smell like?

Sunshine, endless childhood summers, new babies, rain, fresh baked bread, lavender, springtime, mowed lawns, citrus, snow and fairy farts (which we all know smell like roses).



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