30 Things That Make Me Smile

This list is in no particular order except number one- my family always comes first no matter what.

  • My family – the biggest source of joy in my life
  • Puppies and babies – how can they not?
  • Fountain pens – they help me bring joy to others and share myself with the world
  • Letters from friends – it’s a hug on paper
  • Cross stitch – it passes the time and helps me create gifts for my friends
  • Snow days – they’re free days off after all
  • Unexpected time with Bill – I don’t get much of it but it’s great when I do
  • Singing – I’m always doing it
  • Playing my flute – I don’t do it as much as I used to but it’s still a source of joy
  • Coffee- can’t smile in the morning without it
  • My CR-V – a/k/a The Musketmobile
  • Electric blankets – so relaxing
  • Tea – love all kinds of tea but Earl Grey is my favorite
  • Hugs – I give so many of them it’s a good thing I’m not a man these days
  • Lush bath products — good for your skin and ethically produced, best of both worlds
  • Being old school – the older I get the more I enjoy it
  • Blogging  – I love having a forum for my creativity
  • Football – well most times it makes me smile
  • Stationery – I can’t be the only one who sniffs paper and leather journals can I?
  • Music – all kinds of music make me smile
  • Candy canes – peppermint is my favorite flavor/smell
  • Books – You can never have too many books
  • Wood cased pencils – love the smell of pencil shavings
  • Anything purple – I feel powerful when I wear purple, it’s the color of royalty after all
  • Poetry – I love to read it aloud and really listen to it
  • Photography – that feeling when I get a gorgeous photo
  • Vacation – don’t have this smile often enough, but even a “staycation” makes me smile
  • My goddaughter – I smile because her family chose me to be her role model
  • Aromatherapy – citrus takes me right back to childhood Christmases
  • Homeless Man versus The Kraken – I always smile when I think of this story from Christmas a few years ago – Andrew and Eliza were being hyper and when my mother asked them to keep it down their response was “it’s ok Nana, we’re just playing Homeless Man Versus the Kraken!” How awesome is that?

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