Take Ten For Writers # 78 – The Dump

Another lucious prompt from Bonnie Neubauer which reads:

You will be given a word. From there you will dump onto your paper everything you feel, think, experienced, know or wnat to know about the word. To start, write your word over and over until something comes. Then start dumping.

I chose word #7 – ROPE

Rope rope rope rope rope When my sister and I were little, we gave my dad an Old Spice soap on a rope every year for Christmas. He always acted surprised, even though I’m sure he knew he’d get one, and faithfully used it until it wore down to a nub. When I was old enough to move on to giving him other things, I often wondered if he ever really missed getting one. Sadly, I don’t think you can buy them anymore, except maybe somewhere online. Rope rope rope rope  Wouldn’t you hate to have been the person who gave rise to the notion of having just enough rope to hang yourself? That poor guy must have been a terribly unlucky bastard. Rope rope rope rope rope I saw a pickup truck driving down the interstate with a portable toilet in the bed. It was secured with only a flimsy rope, but thankfully the driver was moving slowly. I can’t imagine what kind of mess it would have made if he had been in a wreck.