R Is For Rule of Thirds

mezzaluna reflection

Mezzaluna, March 2016

The rule of thirds is a design aesthetic which visualizes dividing your scene into a grid of thirds and placing the focal points at the intersections of the grid. My camera actually has a grid setting I could look at on my LCD screen to do just this, but quite frankly, I think that leads to boring and predictable photographs, so this is one of those things I totally disregard — what good is a rule anyway if you can’t throw it out the window to suit yourself? 😉

4 thoughts on “R Is For Rule of Thirds

    • Thanks I wasn’t sure how to describe this because I could see it in my mind, but it’s hard to explain in a straightforward manner. I just try to take photos where the image isn’t smack in the middle of the shot. SOmetimes I do that on purpose and sometimes it’s an accident, but I try to not just line things up in a row and shoot.

      • I am learning more from this post then I have known before about good photos. I was thinking of interior design and decorating with 3 or 5 items. I was more careful reading this again, so now understand not to center things when taking pictures.
        I need to work on this, Jennie. Thank you for your patience!

      • Well there’s nothing wrong with following the rule of thirds, I just try to change things up…doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. I’m just a quirky person and try to take photographs that reflect my personality…so what does that mean that I’m good at taking shots of squirrels? LOL

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