Cold Natured

Author’s Note: This was inspired by Bonnie Neubauer’s amazing prompt book The Write Brain Workbook and the “Don’t Sweat It!” prompt which reads Start a story with: If I weren’t allergic to sweating, I’d…

If I weren’t allergic to sweating, I’d live anywhere other than Alaska. I mean, would you choose to live in a place where the sun blocks your ability to sleep like a normal human being for half the year? Would you want to call a place home where you can be buried in ten feet of snow at any one time? Would you really choose to live somewhere that can only be accessed by a bush pilot? Neither would I, not voluntarily anyway. Believe it or not, I was born in Birmingham, Alabama in August during a heat wave, and within a few days of my arrival, my parents knew something was wrong. Any time I started sweating, my skin turned blood red, I broke out in hives and had convulsions. The first time it happened, my mother panicked and, thinking I had a fever, put me in a cold water bath, which made my skin clear up immediately. She took me to the doctors, who poked and prodded and subjected me to many tests I’m grateful I don’t remember before they determined that I have acute allergic hydrosis syndrome; basically I’m allergic to sweat. There is no cure, and I have to live somewhere where the temperature never rises above 60 degrees, so my home for the last 42 years has been above the Arctic Circle. I just wish I could visit the tropics and put my toes in the sand while drinking umbrella drinks like many of my friends have. Sadly, though, I can’t even turn the heat up in my apartment without risking a trip to the emergency room. Maybe someday there will be a cure for my condition. Until then I guess I just have to freeze.

2 thoughts on “Cold Natured

  1. Great take on the prompt, Jen. I’ve never been much of a fan about sweating either, though not to allergic proportions. I now look forward to seeing some of your next prompts on CHPerc.

    • I will have to put myself in the prompt rotation again at some point. The book is an amazing resource to end writer’s block, and I have planned to try and post at least 100,000 words this year, so I’m sure it’ll come in handy more than once. Thanks for stopping by!

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